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June 2018 Goals Update

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Horse Goals

1. Take 6 lessons through the year. – 3/6 done an on track to crush this goal thanks to the new plan of two lessons a month!
2. Ride 3 new-to-me horses. – one of my June lessons will be on another horse
3. Research 3 different retirement situations. – Still at 1/3 and I need to pick this back up
4. Write retirement budget for Tristan. – I actually did look through this and do some thinking about it this month and honestly the conclusion was that as of right now – what I have is good. I can’t get any more detail until we get closer to the actual event. So I am calling this done.
5. Reach goals for horse-specific income stream. (Primarily through Etsy shop.) – This has slowed down and I need to get back on it. One challenge right now is balancing necessary spending for business development with the income that I do earn. I need to lay out some money but have been erring too much on overspending lately.
Stretch: 6. Read and review 12 books about riding on the blog. – 1/12 done still, but it’s almost Black Stallion Summer Series time!

Financial Goals

1. Fully fund Tristan’s savings account (to $1,500) – This is down to about $1,200 after dipping into it for new tall boots and fly season supplies. I’m okay with that. It will go back up shortly.
2. 50% fund my overall emergency fund savings account (to $7,500) – on to $5,500!
3. Track every purchase made in 2018. – Wow, April and May both failed hardcore at this, with unfortunately predictable results. June will be better.
4. Create 30 day wait list for any purchase over $25 (excluding groceries & emergencies). – This is actually still holding strong. It’s the under $25 stuff that is tripping me up – and adding up – right now.
5. Pay off 50% of energy improvement debt. – we’ve paid off 26% of the total
6. Stretch: 75% fund my overall emergency fund savings account (to $11,250)

House Goals

1. Finish dining room (finish wallpaper, skimcoat lower half, plaster upper half, paint). – More progress, and June might see painting!
2. Finish garage in basement (finish strappingput up drywall, plaster drywall, paint floor, clean out).
3. Finish upstairs guest bedroom (strip wallpaper, plaster, deal with ceiling, repaint).
4. Develop plan & budget for preserving mud room mural.
5. Build second raised bed, start seedlings indoors, can/process results of garden. – lololol seeds all died, thanks a lot, work. On the plus side though the rest of the garden goes in this weekend AND instead of a second raised bed I have grander plans.
6. Stretch: Finish breakfast nook room (strip wallpaper, plaster, figure out heating, repaint

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