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2018 Goals Post

Previously, I explored a new framework for setting goals. I looked at what three areas of my life would be in five years if everything went well, and laid that out. Here, I’ll set the first signposts on that five year journey: measurable, time-specific goals for 2018.

Horse Goals

1. Take 6 lessons through the year.
2. Ride 3 new-to-me horses.
3. Research 3 different retirement situations.
4. Write retirement budget for Tristan.
5. Reach goals for horse-specific income stream. (Primarily through Etsy shop.)
Stretch: 6. Read and review 12 books about riding on the blog.

Financial Goals

1. Fully fund Tristan’s savings account (to $1,500)
2. 50% fund my overall emergency fund savings account (to $7,500)
3. Track every purchase made in 2018.
4. Create 30 day wait list for any purchase over $25 (excluding groceries & emergencies).
5. Pay off 50% of energy improvement debt.
6. Stretch: 75% fund my overall emergency fund savings account (to $11,250)

House Goals

1. Finish dining room (finish wallpaper, skimcoat lower half, plaster upper half, paint).
2. Finish garage in basement (finish strapping, put up drywall, plaster drywall, paint floor, clean out).
3. Finish upstairs guest bedroom (strip wallpaper, plaster, deal with ceiling, repaint).
4. Develop plan & budget for preserving mud room mural.
5. Build second raised bed, start seedlings indoors, can/process results of garden.
6. Stretch: Finish breakfast nook room (strip wallpaper, plaster, figure out heating, repaint)

I’ll do monthly update posts much as I did last year, and in 2018, I am going to go ahead with my Finance Fridays plan, of posting monthly about some kind of financial horse goal for people to share along in.

I would like very much for this year to go better than the last.

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