Share your Back on Track secrets!

Christmas came early for a certain roan mustang: I ransacked the Riding Warehouse Black Friday 25% off sale and bought, um, way more than I should have. I regret nothing. The only thing I’m not over the moon delighted with was a pair of $5 gloves on super clearance. They’re fine. They’re just not perfect winter gloves. That quest continues.


Two of the things I indulged in were Back on Track items. I experimented with the hock boots about two years ago, borrowing them from the barn manager, but they were too big and I just never quite had the discipline to follow through on them. I have wanted to try again with properly-fitting ones ever since, so 25% off and some side income made it worth it.

I am now the proud owner of a dressage saddle pad and hock boots. The hock boots fit great!

The saddle pad makes me wish again, once more, with feeling, that more companies made cob-sized dressage pads, because, well.

It could be worse! But it could also be waaaaaaay better. (Whither thou goest, Classic Equine dressage pads, with the square corners and the perfect cut and the great quality? Why, why, have you gone entirely over to Western equipment? Sigh.)

Anyway. I put the hock boots on while grooming, and left them on for our walk warmup, then removed them. (Maybe I should have put them back on for cooldown?) I used the saddle pad…as a saddle pad. I don’t think there’s much of a secret there.

But I want to know if I can optimize my use of the hock boots. I was reading through the material they included (YES, I KNOW) and they had things like “after seven weeks of use…” What does that mean? Continuous? A couple hours a day? Am I not leaving them on for long enough? I require more direction than that!

So: what do you do? Do you leave BOT stuff (the stuff that’s meant to come off, anyway) on for longer? Every day? I’m particularly interested in things like the hock boots – and perhaps the quick wraps, if anyone has those. I am considering getting the quick wraps after Christmas and want to think about whether I should have them on overnight, or before riding, or after, or…? Your experience sought!