Goodbye, truck

I wrote a little while ago about my struggle with deciding whether or not to sell my truck. I must have woken up every single day with a different plan – fix it, sell it, retire it to friends or family, do something with it that I felt okay with. Except I couldn’t figure out what that was.

Well, the first day Tristan was in the hospital – the morning after we transported him there in the middle of the night, when I woke up after 90 minutes of sleep and drove back up to be with him – I listed the truck for sale.

truck photo from the sales ad

I still struggled with it. I didn’t want it to go to some teenager who would just trash it.

Last week, I got an inquiry for it, and after a phone call with more details, a man drove over from two states away to look at it and then buy it. He was excited to get it, and enormously kind about the whole thing – he could tell how much I was struggling with it, and I told him repeatedly that it was my baby.

I said one last goodbye. The buyer looked at me and said, “Don’t cry.”

I said, “Oh, I am absolutely going to cry, but I’ll wait until you drive away.”


He drove away.

I made it back in the house, and then I lost it.

It’s been really hard not to see it there. I know it was the right decision, and it’s gotten easier as the days go by. The money went into Tristan’s savings account and into another account to save for a new future car or truck. I’m still sad, though, every day. It was the very best truck in the whole world, and there will never be another like it.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye, truck

  1. I’m so sorry ❤ I know that had to be hard. You made the right decision, and I have no doubt someone was happy to get it. Those old square body GM trucks of a couple different generations are collectibles to certain groups of people now.


  2. Ohhhh, I remember how I felt letting my first horse trailer go. Ridiculous really, but I was so attached to it for so many reasons. I cried too. Being an adult sucks sometimes. *hugs*


  3. Some people don’t feel sentimental about vehicles at all, but I’m the same as you. It’s like losing a friend!


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