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House Post: Pesto!

I planted a ton of basil this year, hoping for a scenario exactly like this: truly absurd amounts of basil to harvest at the end of the year. Then, my hopes looked dashed when some kind of pest got into the basil. I pulled into my driveway every day and got grumpy when I saw how the plants were basically gone.

But! Miracle of miracle, the basil came roaring back late in the summer. I did absolutely nothing, so I’m not sure what happened, but I’m glad it did.


7.5 cups total all in little tupperwares for scooping out this winter for various meals – pizza, pasta, and the like.

3 thoughts on “House Post: Pesto!

  1. I did the same! I love homemade pesto!
    I store mine in ice cube trays. Each “cube” is the perfect amount for one person, and I don’t have to dig it out of the tupperware. Just an idea!


  2. I hate the smell of basil and Hubby just kept bringing it in every time we did tomatoes. So now we have about eighty thousand pounds of frozen pasta sauce with a whole lot of basil in it. That stuff does so well when you ignore it. Damn it.


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