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House Post: Dining Room Reveal, Part 1

Damn straight I’m going to stretch this out over two weeks, because a) it was a ridiculous amount of work and b) I’m ridiculously proud of it!

Let’s review briefly, shall we?

The very first thing I did in the dining room was to rip up the carpet and expose the hardwood floors. Then I tried to fix the dining room chandelier but broke it and just replaced it. Then I dithered for a long, long, looooooooong time about exactly what I wanted to do in the room. Then I couldn’t ride in August and all my frustration bubbled over and I said eff it and started skimcoating and pushing HARD to finish.

As a reminder, here’s a before photo of the room.

So, in order, we:

  • removed the carpet
  • removed the wallpaper
  • scrubbed and plastered the walls
  • removed the old chair rail (quarter round)
  • skimcoated the texture underneath the old chair rail

Some progress photos for you.

Next week…final painting & chair rail installation!


3 thoughts on “House Post: Dining Room Reveal, Part 1

  1. I’m so excited to see the finished product! I loooove that color you chose for it! (Shamelessly stalking your insta stories to keep up on progress.)


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