Do you have a horse emergency fund?

I’m currently devoting all my extra cash toward building Tristan’s emergency fund back up. I had a really solid personal emergency fund as well as a decent horse-specific one, but, well, the last 2 years or so have not gone so well for either of those two accounts. My personal emergency fund is on its own dedicated savings plan, but Tristan’s account has mostly been seeded with a few dollars here, a few dollars there.

So as I am making plans, I found myself wondering: how many people out there have a horse-specific emergency fund? Hence the poll.


New Poll: Are You "Out" At Your Barn?

I was semi-inspired by Lauren’s anonymous poll and kind of curious by how many people would say things about their barn if they weren’t anonymous.

So, with that in mind: how many of you have told your barn that you’re blogging? Have you ever shared your blog link? Have you done it in the past, but not at your current barn? What’s holding you back?

To answer my own question: a few people from my former barn know I blog, and read & comment. No one from my current barn knows; quite frankly, it’s a quieter barn, and while I am friendly with the people & like them quite a lot, we don’t have the same relationship. So I guess you could call me pretty much still closeted.

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Poll Results for Longeing/Lunging/Other

So the results have been in for a little while but I have been a very bad blogger.

With 19 votes, here’s how it came out:

13 votes, or 63% for “lunging”
5 votes, or 26% for “longeing”
1 vote, or 5% for “other”

(Dear “other,” what do you say instead? Come let us know!)

Check out the comments on the original post, too. I tend to agree with Carly: lunge is a forward movement; longe is what the horse does in circles around you.

I wonder if it’s a difference between British or American spelling?


Poll Results

Last week, I posted that I was starting to ride in half chaps more and more often, and asked you all what you chose to ride in. The poll closed yesterday, and the results?

Surprisingly split, with an edge toward half chaps. Thank you all for participating! I’ll have the next one up soon.

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Half chaps or tall boots?

I mentioned in a recent post that I have been riding in half chaps occasionally.

The half chaps were a gift from the same person who gave me the breastplate for free, and they are a very snug fit. They’re older Ariats. I mostly took them because she was trying to get rid of her stuff and I thought “why not?” My previous experience with half chaps hasn’t been great; for the past 6-8 years I have been a 100% tall boots rider.

I’m really, really liking these, though. I pair them with my Ariat Terrains, which I have long loved for trail rides, and they’re light and yet still a bit grippy. They’re ideal for the hill walking we’re doing right now.

After a few people commented that they love half chaps, I decided to investigate my options for polling and it turns out that Blogger has a gadget for that now!

SO! Visit the blog page, look on the right-hand side, and cast your vote. Do you prefer half chaps, tall boots, a little bit of both, or neither? Comment on this post if you have some specific additional feedback to give.