Poll Results

Last week, I posted that I was starting to ride in half chaps more and more often, and asked you all what you chose to ride in. The poll closed yesterday, and the results?

Surprisingly split, with an edge toward half chaps. Thank you all for participating! I’ll have the next one up soon.

4 thoughts on “Poll Results

  1. I kept meaning to go back and participate…I love the look of tall boots but hate them, especially given how much I walk around the barn on any given day. I need something comfortable. And given the cost of tall boots, there's no way I'd wear them all the time for schooling back when I was showing. I'd usually school in them for a week or two before a show to get used to the feel of them, then after the show they'd get cleaned and conditioned and put away again. Since then it's been half chaps for me, though this year I've spent the most time ever in neither: ankle-height snow boots until March (half chaps didn't fit over them), and now in the summer I've simply been riding in sneakers. As it starts to get cooler again I'll be going back to half chaps + hiking boots. 🙂


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