New Poll: Are You "Out" At Your Barn?

I was semi-inspired by Lauren’s anonymous poll and kind of curious by how many people would say things about their barn if they weren’t anonymous.

So, with that in mind: how many of you have told your barn that you’re blogging? Have you ever shared your blog link? Have you done it in the past, but not at your current barn? What’s holding you back?

To answer my own question: a few people from my former barn know I blog, and read & comment. No one from my current barn knows; quite frankly, it’s a quieter barn, and while I am friendly with the people & like them quite a lot, we don’t have the same relationship. So I guess you could call me pretty much still closeted.

9 thoughts on “New Poll: Are You "Out" At Your Barn?

  1. At first only the people from my barn who blog knew I blogged, the somehow some other people at the barn found out I blogged (probably finding me through the other people). I'm pretty critical of mysellf on my blog so its nothing to worry about really.


  2. A couple people at my barn know I blog, but I am so weird about self-promotion that I just can't bring myself to be like “hey go read my blog.” But my current place is the most low-drama barn I've ever even heard of, and I hardly ever mention anyone there. I'm not trying to stay secret or anything, it just doesn't come up.


  3. I out a lot of my posts on FB, my trainer's wife is my friend on there, so they know about it. I'm not sure that everyone knows and they probably don't care either way. I'm really happy at my barn and don't have anything or anyone to complain about on my blog which doesn't really give me any reason to worry about them reading it.


  4. I don't put it on front street but if I've had at least a couple conversations with a person, they probably know. I figure that I'd much rather people hear it from me than stumble upon it and maybe get the wrong impression.


  5. A few people know I blog. They don't, to my knowledge, know of my specific blog, and they don't read my posts – I've just mentioned it in passing to a few folks I'm close with. I try not to write anything I wouldn't be comfortable with folks reading, but that doesn't mean I'm ready to encourage it!


  6. my blog is pretty new, and i haven't really told anybody about it. not sure if i will? i *have* mentioned all the awesome blogs i follow, and nobody is ever clamoring to learn what they are … so maybe they don't care? idk haha


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