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Working on 2019 Goals

I feel like planning has taken over my life lately. We’re strategic planning at work, which has meant months of long conversations. I’ve been trying to address some of my personal life struggles by planning. I’ve been scrutinizing my finances even more. On and on.

I have a LOT of goals for 2019. Many of them won’t be appropriate for this blog, or can’t be public for other reasons.

In short, I’m thinking about things in the following categories:

  • Tristan
  • House
  • Finances
  • Personal
  • Business

So far I’ve got 5-7 sub-goals in each category. About half the goals are already on track (whether savings, earnings, you name it).

In terms of what I’ll report on this blog, I’ve got it down to three areas: Tristan, Other (a mix of things), and Business. Here are some of the goals I’m thinking about in those areas.


  • Get to First Level
  • Set up & run tack swap/sale
  • Take 12 lessons
  • Volunteer at 6 events
  • Get & share 1 video per month of rides


  • Finish house interior work
  • Finish funding emergency fund
  • Pay off vision correction surgery
  • Try 24 new recipes
  • Write 20k on Morgan book


  • Get to 500 sales on Etsy
  • Separate website and social media for business
  • Take accounting class
  • Develop 3 new patterns
  • Have a total of 7-10 items for sale

So, what about you? Are you getting ready for 2019 goals, or have you given up on that game?