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2019 Goals: January Recap

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So, how did January go?


  • Get to First Level – we’ve had some truly superb rides in January, despite them being few and far between, and he’s had moments of a gorgeous balance that’s not quite First Level, but it’s definitely beyond Training.
  • Set up & run tack swap/sale – I have called a potential venue, conversed with the barn, and on Sunday I laid out some plans to distract myself from the Superbowl
  • Take 12 lessons – 1/12, check!
  • Volunteer at 6 events – hahahaha, what events, there’s 2′ of snow outside.
  • Get & share 1 video per month of rides – sadly January was a bust on this


  • Finish house interior work – living room is primed and we’ve chosen a color! now to finish painting
  • Finish funding emergency fund – 67% of the way there
  • Pay off vision correction surgery – 47% of the way there
  • Try 24 new recipes – 5/24, all excellent
  • Write 20k on Morgan book – no writing, but some research progress; follow the Morgan Mondays tag for more


  • Get to 500 sales on Etsy – 208/500
  • Separate website and social media for business – social media check, website not yet
  • Take accounting class – check! I did a webinar through the Small Business Administration; I need to do some more, but I was happy with it.
  • Develop 3 new patterns – I have two in the works but man this is slow going. It’s hard to balance the actual business production with doing new things.
  • Have a total of 7-10 items for sale – Nothing new yet.

3 thoughts on “2019 Goals: January Recap

    1. It was very tasty! As a recipe note:at the end, it tells you to drain the sauce and boil it separately and mix in the corn starch slurry. I did not do that; I just dumped the slurry in the crock pot and let it go on high for a while longer. I checked it occasionally and when it was appropriately thick I served it. I like my crock pot recipes to be truly one pot.


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