Spend Your Stimulus Money on Horse Stuff

Obvious caveat: no, I was more responsible with our stimulus check, it went towards some heating bills and into a savings account on the chance that my job disappears this summer. But wouldn’t it be fun to spend it entirely like this?

The challenge: spend your $1,200 stimulus check entirely on horse stuff.

What do you buy?

Here’s my list.

First up, a pair of brown tall boots. I love the Mountain Horse Sovereign boots. I’d try to find them in that lovely two-tone brown they used to have. If not, this dark chocolate is also nice.

Cost: $395

Next, I’d probably go for a new helmet. It’s only been a few years since I bought a new helmet but the market has already changed dramatically. Among other things, it seems that IRH (my go-to helmet brand for many years now) no longer offers a long oval option, which is the best fit for my head. And no one makes gray helmets. I am going to have a really long ugly cry when I have to retire my current, best-beloved, gray IRH helmet. Some internet research suggests that the One K Defender Air will be a good fit.

Cost: $285

If I have money to burn I might as well get some fun stuff too, so let’s say I find some Kastel sunshirts on a good sale and get four of them. (In the old solid colors because holy shit what happened to this year?) If I could find the ones they made for a little while in merino wool, then bonus for that.

Cost: $200

The Hylofit System

Despite the general impression I give on this blog, I am not entirely immune to trends, and I want one of these REAL BAD.

Cost: $250

Barn Equine First Aid Medical Kit - Medium – EquiMedic USA, Inc.

That leaves me with $70, because taxes and shipping don’t exist in my fantasy world, so I’d take the rest of it and sink it into a thorough update of ALL of his first aid and miscellaneous grooming supplies.

What about you?


8 thoughts on “Spend Your Stimulus Money on Horse Stuff

  1. I might buy a trailer, in all seriousness.
    It’s been in the almost-budget and plan for “maybe this year”. A friend is selling her 2H slant. It’s not perfect but it should be sufficient for what I want.
    My job is (reasonably) secure, I’m still working from home and getting paid in full, and the healthcare business is booming right now.
    Life is weird.


  2. I actually am spending my stimulus check on horse things, kinda (I’m not a responsible adult, lol). I’ve been itching to give my tack shed a makeover now that it doesn’t have to be the catch-all for all of our old antique furniture (yay house!) and my husband’s junk (yay garage!). So I’m going to be flooring it with leftover vinyl plank from the house, and my stimulus check will be paying for a unit to heat/cool it, better insulation, wood paneling for the walls, and a new light (possibly a chandelier because i’m feeling a little extra right now hahaha). I took all the measurements last night and priced out the supplies, so now I just need this whole global pandemic thing to wrap up so I can go BUY the supplies 😉 I’m hoping we can get it done as a birthday present for me this year — at least, that’s how I’m guilting the husband into helping, lol.


  3. This is fun – I might borrow the concept and repost about it. Even though I’m in Canada and will not be getting a check of any sort. 😉


  4. I have a blingy gray one K helmet. The fit on them is fabulous. So if you ever do want to get a new helmet, I think you’d like them. My head is also oval.
    I was pretty irresponsible this weekend in the shopping department. I ordered the new Tipperary MIPS helmet (hope it fits…) and the dogs have new collars coming. Whoops.


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