Wednesday Things

First: your petty complaints are giving me life. If you want to get something super tiny and first world off your chest, head to the comments on my last post and read everyone else’s. I laughed so hard and felt way less alone. Thanks, everyone.

I also wanted to give people a heads up that Andrea Waldo, event rider & trainer and author of Brain Training for Ridersa really excellent book about sports psychology for riding, is doing a series of workshops on that same premise. Andrea is a great human being and a great teacher and I can’t recommend these enough.

I reviewed her book and did an interview with her when it came out, so if you want to get a sense of the content and her personality, you can read those posts.

Book Review: Brain Training for Riders by Andrea Waldo

Brain Training for Riders: Interview with Andrea Monsarrat Waldo

Brain Training for Riders: Your Questions, Andrea’s Answers

If you want to sign up for the series, they start on April 20 and the Facebook event, for purchasing tickets, is here. The final workshop will be in Zoom.

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