Share your absolute most petty complaints

There are obviously tons and tons of huge things to be angry, sad, depressed, or confused about right now. I think we’re all intimately familiar with those. Stuff is awful right now, and most of us still have at least another month ahead of this.

Today, I want to hear about your absolute tiniest complaints. The kind of things you would hashtag as #firstworldproblems. Horse-related or not. Get it off your chest. Nothing is too small or too petty. Bring it on.

Here are just a few of mine.

  • The new season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is just a little too secondhand cringe for me. I keep trying to watch it and then I keep shriveling all up inside but also wanting to watch it but also ACK.
  • My grocery order two weeks ago came with only one tub of the wrong kind of ice cream. I have no ice cream in my freezer at all right now.
  • One of my computer speakers glitches in and out. They’re 20 years old, I get it, but still: I keep swinging wildly between nice, full, good-volume sound and then it vanishes and I can’t figure out where the connection is faulty.
  • The new monitor cable I bought only displays my laptop screen in 800×600 WHY.
  • My dog chewed up one of the handles of my brand-new jump rope.
  • Every time I go out into my back yard I think that I should trim back the forsythia bush that has taken over an entire corner and then every time I go back in the house I forget about it so I can never manage to put it on my to do list to get the clippers to hack away at it and so I am trapped in an endless loop of being grumpy at the stupid thing.
  • I have a space heater in my home office to keep it a little warmer but it never feels quite warm enough and then when I leave my office it feels way too cold.

I could go on, but you get the idea. I know it’s dumb, but I feel a little better.

23 thoughts on “Share your absolute most petty complaints

  1. I feel you on the Mrs. Maisel thing. I just have to keep reminding myself it’s not real to make it less secondhand cringe. And my office is the same way! I’m trying not to turn the heat back on again since we’re so close to it getting warm, and I keep a space heater going in my office, partially for Rocky but also partially because this is an addition and it’s just not as well insulated as the solid stone sections of my house. Right now it’s 65 in my office and 61 in the rest of the downstairs! Hit me up if you need help with the monitor cable, that’s in my wheelhouse.


  2. I watched the whole of this season of Mrs Maisel, and I totally agree. It didn’t get good until the last two minutes of the last episode.
    This is totally a first world complaint but the lady who was cleaning my house prior to the plague broke all of my cleaning stuff. Like ALL of it. So frustrating.
    My other complaint is that I’ve been so awful over the last many years, that my house is a complete disaster. I didn’t notice until I was literally spending all my time here. I’ve been using my weekends to try and rectify the situation but it’s very slow going!


  3. My tiny complaint kind of ties in with Stacie’s above — now that I’m spending 24/7 in my house, I kind of feel obligated to like…. decorate it. And I’m bad at it. So I’m spending all the time I used to spend riding like.. comparing curtains and shit. It’s annoying. And then I have to SPEND MONEY on said house furnishings. Blech.


  4. I want a damn hair cut. Unlike all my co workers who ran out the day before the closure came in and got cuts/color, I waited it out and now my short curly hair is medium frizzy hair and I want a hair cut. I buzzed my sons and hubby’s and am soooo close to buzzing mine.


  5. Uhhh this is a super weird one. With everyone leaping into gardening and baking — which I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT approve of and I think everyone should garden to their hearts’ contents and grow their own food and spend time outside and get in touch with nature — people up around my way have been planting their tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini in the ground and posting about it on the twinternet. And it is LEGIT too cold to plant those guys right now, unless you have some method of keeping them warm on cold nights (I mean, as long as you’re further north than like, Santa Barbara I mean). The soil is too cold, the night air is too cold, and they will just sit in the ground being cold and stunted and unhappy. Like, it’s cool it’s cool, you do you, and I know nurseries take advantage of warm spring weather by getting the starts out in stores before the ground is really ready for them and trick people into thinking it’s time to plant. I GET IT. But like, just chill on that for two weeks, let them get a little stronger in the pot even, and then it will be go time.

    Also, all these people planting pictures of leggy seedlings on windowsills in egg cartons and I’m like “your baby plants look like shit. You want them to look like a coke can not like a super model.”

    Hello yes I am very judgmental. ><


    1. Nicole, I’m starting a veggie garden this year (already planned pre-pandemic – it’s our second summer in our house and this was always the plan!) We are in the process of building two 8×4 foot raised beds with deer fencing all around. I didn’t start seeds this year, just going to buy plants from the nursery this year…but would love to chat more on what to plant/how to be successful with it in our first year! I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew as we get started but I do want to make it worth my time, you know? Let me know if you’d be willing to lend some knowledge! 🙂


    2. I so hear you about this. First, I had to suffer through all my inexperienced gardening friends going on and on about their seedlings; Oh, look! They’re actually growing! (eye roll) Not rocket science, folks. Then came the hemming and hawing about transplanting seedlings … should they or shouldn’t they? Naturally, not knowing the error of their ways, they planted stuff WAY too early. Temps immediately dropped below freezing, whereupon I had to listen to them whine about their dead seedlings and ponder if it too late to start all over again? Ugh. Let me tell you where I’m at: After 50 years of nearly religious gardening, THIS is the first year I decided not to do a vegetable garden. Like, I literally tore down raised beds and I was GIDDY about it, smug with my newfound freedom. Yes, I was going to support my local farmers and buy what little we need at the farmer’s market. No sense wasting all that precious time (and money) tending a huge garden. Well, we’ll see about that now, won’t we?


  6. Ooh I like this. Venting minor gripes can be so great for just getting them off your chest!

    -Total first world problem: The avocados I get in my grocery deliveries have always been really mushy and brown.
    -I get so annoyed when people take up the whole bike path walking next to one another and don’t get out of the way / move to single file when I’m trying to pass them. I literally had to go way into the ditch the other day.
    -The house never feels quite warm enough no matter how thick my socks.
    -I’m getting tired of wearing leggings. I just want to wear some loose pants or like a skirt or something that’s not suctioned to my legs.

    *All that said, I’m so thankful for those who are working to do things like deliver my groceries so I can stay away from the stores, and I’m grateful my family is healthy. I’ll take some inconveniences to keep it that way.*


  7. I need to rip all the window sills off so I can take measurements to ask my neighbor to cut the Ls for the new ones, but that’s a lot of work so instead I keep doing them one by one and making cuts by jig saw and need to staahhpp.

    Not petty per say, but they warned me I was going to burn out working so much and I was like, “YES OK but who will do my job? ….. silence” And now I am burned out and there’s still nobody else.

    Also, it got cold again. WTF Indiana.


    1. I scoured the stores on my most recent essentials trip hoping to get some kind of frozen sushi (yes, so subpar but desperate times…) that always seems to be there in normal times. And yeah. It’s gone. All of it. I bought smoked salmon and imitation crab and decided I would wing it. This craving is like a gorilla on my back.


  8. It is cold in Tennessee too. it was 85 last week today it is 42. And cold and windy. UGH. I have seen my horse twice in the last 3-4 weeks. I keep getting offered lessons and don’t do it as i think it is the right thing but is it? Walmart cancelled my last three orders (trying again this week). I hate the shit that Kroger and Walmart or whomever pick out for me I want to grocery shop myself again. Our water bill doubled this month (lots of washing hands?? what?) like 40 to 80 dollars for a month. THAT IS A LOT. I need to clean my saddle and it still sits there from coming home over 3 weeks ago, i need to clean my house and go thru some clothes but goodwill is closed. We have boxes we never unpacked from our move almost 2 years ago and I dont feel like it. hmmmm this is fun!! thank you! 🙂


  9. My very first world and extremely selfish WHINE (I can’t even call it a complaint) is that all of my online stress shopping was international thus it hasn’t even been fun because nothing has actually made it here. My Australia package left Sydney 3 weeks ago and hasn’t been heard from since. Where is it? Who knows. I can’t even cry into my Mattes pad.

    Thank you for letting me say that out loud, I haven’t dared air it public.


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  11. I don’t know if its petty enough but its my biggest complaint right now:

    The magazine I freelance for messed up and I won’t get paid for my last article until May >:[


  12. My complaint is I can’t go visit my favorite restaurants, even if I wanted to get takeout I can’t because they’re all in Rhode Island and RI is pulling over any out of state plates. So no donuts or sushi or poke bowls, plus despite all this spare time, i still haven’t had any motivation to clean and organize my spaces. Okay mini complaints over, I’m enjoying reading these other complaints.


  13. Thank you for this. My complaints:
    1. I want a damn lesson on my horse
    2. the cold and wind is here now and it needs to go.
    3. I want my husband to go away for a couple hours in the evening so I can watch what I want.


  14. Petty, I know, but I am so damn sick of making my husband’s lunch. Pre-Corona, he packed a lunch 4 days a week. And let me just say, I LIVED for that hump day break in the middle of the week. Now to be fair, do understand that I’m also making every single breakfast and dinner, too. Every. Single. One. So yeah, I’m over his not being able to get a salad bar salad on Wednesdays. I sometimes fantasize about what it would be like if he wasn’t in an essential biz. Would we just be winging our meals? Would he actually fix something for himself if he was working from home? I’m done trying to figure out the food end of this nonsense. Stores are still super sketchy here, so early-on I warned him you get what you get. He would never complain. He’s always so thankful for whatever I cobble together. I almost wish he would gripe, give me the opportunity to bitch about how put upon I feel. Seriously, folks: One lunch. That’s all I ask.


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