Winter 2020 (!) Cushings Update

It’s been nearly five years since Tristan was diagnosed with Cushings, and about a month ago the vet pulled blood to do a checkup on his ACTH levels. It had been about two years since we actually did a check, and though his symptoms are largely absent or very mild, it’s always smart to check with science. This year, we also checked his overall thyroid function – both because of age and because of his general lack of energy.



Both totally normal – in fact, his ACTH levels are pretty much his best since we’ve been testing. Good pony!

He still doesn’t have the classic Cushing’s coat. His biggest observable symptoms remain his lack of ability to temperature regulate in the winter and his overall lack of ability to retain conditioning. But, you know what? He’s also 25. Both of those things were going to start to happen anyway.

Overall, right now, he’s as healthy as he’s ever been. (KNOCK ALL THE WOOD)

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