Lesson Notes: Rhythm

Briefly, just to get them down, some notes from Monday’s lesson. It was short, because it was 10 degrees and I didn’t want to push too hard.

First, some good things!

  • overall, he’s more forward and loose than he has been, so our work there has been paying off
  • he was also much stretchier into the contact, which showed even more payoff
  • he was surprisingly cheerful and willing for it being so cold

Things to work on:

  • my position; still too much gripping with the knee and ankle and scrunching my leg up to get my heel on him and keeping it there. we worked a bunch on even pressure through the whole leg, and talked about how it made my thighs feel tight/a little bit too closed on the saddle but that’s ok for now
  • his rhythm/tempo. I had downloaded the metronome app that Emma recommended and we worked together to find a BPM for his trot. Right now we’ve got it set to 2/2 at 140 BPM, or a smidge faster than a beat per second. That’s his stretch goal; right now he’s hovering more around a 132 BPM. Just to give you a sense of how freaking slow my horse is.

We also chatted briefly about a topic that causes perpetual angst for me and will be the subject of a future blog post: cooling down. I’ve had a lot of different trainers with different opinions on it over the years and it’s left me an anxious mess about what should be a really simple thing. I felt a little bit better after we talked, so that was nice.

2 thoughts on “Lesson Notes: Rhythm

  1. awesome that the metronome app seems like it might be helpful for you!! it’s interesting too bc it sounds like your settings are a bit different from mine, resulting in a very different bpm that ends up being actually basically equivalent anyway. for instance, mine is on a 4/4 setting so my 77 ends up being more like a 154 with your settings. i didn’t really realize that function until this exact moment tho haha


    1. I actually had no idea about that function either! I handed my phone to my trainer and started trotting around and she announced she had changed it to 2/2 because that made more sense to her (just two-toned clicks, 1-2) and gave me my number. Eventually ideally Tristan will start getting more to 150+ but he just can’t maintain it and also any kind of connection/organization right now.

      When I went to download the app it told me I already had at some point in the past, so I must have been thinking of this at some point and forgotten about it, then your post reminded me!


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