House Post: Kitchen Hardware & Living Room

Finally, some movement!

First, I’ve found my cabinet pulls.


Now to find drawer pulls to go with them, and I have this sinking feeling that I’m going to want to replace the hinges, too.

Second, and very excitingly, we’ve primed the living room!


Stay tuned next week for the final paint job and the before & after photos. That will make 7 rooms down, 5 to go…

One thought on “House Post: Kitchen Hardware & Living Room

  1. Looking good! I’m always amazed by how much of an achievement priming feels like. Even though it still looks bad, it looks soooooooo much better than whatever mottled/ugly/dirty/wallpapered surface was there before. Which is why I still have miles of trim to paint, because I primed them all and it was so much of an improvement I then got lazy…don’t be me, lol.


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