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House Goal Planning for 2019

I’ll recap the overall house progress of 2018 in a later post, but for now: what do I want to get accomplished in 2019?

  • All interior cosmetic work done: all wallpaper stripped, all holes filled in, all walls painted. That means the sun room front bedroom, and the room we call the kitchen nook.
  • Next phase of work planned out: exterior paint, bathrooms, kitchen upgrades.
  • Landscaping figured out: clean up back lot, deal with shrubs/trees in front yard, put actual effort into yard work.
  • Regrading projects around the foundation, so we avoid the small leaks that we’ve suffered from.
  • Purge/cleanout of unnecessary things, possibly to culminate in a yard sale this summer.
  • Stretch goals will be some woodworking: refinishing a coffee table, possibly re-upholstering.

It is, however, starting to feel like we’re finishing something big and resting a bit. We’re more into the nice-to-have rather than the must-have. Which is great.

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