Still Here

Well, Tristan and I are both still alive. I’ve taken an unplanned hiatus from blogging because a) I have been ridiculously sick for weeks now and b) the holiday rush at Bel Joeor Metier has been knocking me flat.

Which. THANK YOU for everyone who has placed orders – whether for their blogger Secret Santa, their barn friends, or themselves. It blows me away that people like what I make and that they want to support me.

Thanks to that holiday push, I was able to write a check for Tristan’s surprise pergolide refill last week with only a twinge of grumpiness – and no existential money panic.

Though I have been so miserably sick, Tristan is fat and happy and comfortable, and that’s really all I ask for.

I’ve been doing some 2019 goal planning, and will write about that soon. Tristan is also officially barefoot again, so I’ll write about that – and our hopes/dreams/plans for keeping him that way.

6 thoughts on “Still Here

  1. I was the recipient of one of those bags and it was perfect and so well made! You put out a great product. I’m glad it’s been a successful venture for you! And I’m glad it was able to help with vet costs.


  2. I love giving out your bags as gifts! I gave the first one to my riding instructor this past weekend and she absolutely loved it! I love giving homemade gifts and supporting your business. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick though. 😞


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