equine affaire

Equine Affaire in Springfield! Anyone going?

I’ve just finalized plans to make a last-minute trip to Equine Affaire in Springfield, MA for tomorrow, November 9.

I’m mostly looking for some shopping: Tristan needs a new rain/turnout sheet. I need a good bargain.

I’ll also have my eye out for one or two other specific things at a good price; I need to make a list and then winnow it down.

I will probably attend a number of the seminars as well and take some notes. I’m particularly looking forward to hearing Philip Dutton – I’ve never seen him teach before. Gymnastic lines (his topic for Thursday) are not as useful to me anymore but I figure anything he has to say is worth listening to.

Will anyone else be around on Thursday? Want to stroll the exhibitor floor, grab lunch, audit something together?

Email me: beljoeor[at]gmail[dot]com!

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