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Phillip Dutton at Equine Affaire

I kind of lost track of time while shopping and only saw the second half of Phillip Dutton’s clinic on using ringwork to prepare for cross country, but what I saw was really terrific.

I had sat through nearly all of Julie Goodnight’s clinic earlier that day on the canter, and was really disappointed at the amount of time she spent covering extreme basics (like…what a canter looks like, and how you have a right and left lead, and how to cue the canter. yeah. that was the first HOUR) so I was thrilled to see that Dutton had a group of extremely capable riders and was kicking their butts.

He worked with individual riders, setting up broad exercises but then addressing each horse and rider pair’s challenges as they worked through it. These were NOT easy exercises – think one stride extreme slices, and one stride right angles, and big wide corners. He had them up and out of their saddles and in a true cross-country gallop to approach some jumps. It was really cool to see, and to see the riders and the horses improve in just a few minutes.

Here are three of the exercises that I watched.

equine affaire

Equine Affaire in Springfield! Anyone going?

I’ve just finalized plans to make a last-minute trip to Equine Affaire in Springfield, MA for tomorrow, November 9.

I’m mostly looking for some shopping: Tristan needs a new rain/turnout sheet. I need a good bargain.

I’ll also have my eye out for one or two other specific things at a good price; I need to make a list and then winnow it down.

I will probably attend a number of the seminars as well and take some notes. I’m particularly looking forward to hearing Philip Dutton – I’ve never seen him teach before. Gymnastic lines (his topic for Thursday) are not as useful to me anymore but I figure anything he has to say is worth listening to.

Will anyone else be around on Thursday? Want to stroll the exhibitor floor, grab lunch, audit something together?

Email me: beljoeor[at]gmail[dot]com!