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House Post: Front Entryway

A few weeks ago, I found myself in the front entryway. Some of the wallpaper was peeling, so I tugged it. I truly had no intention of making it a project for the day, but – I started and it came off so easily that I couldn’t stop. 

Because this is what was underneath the wallpaper.
It’s damaged and faded, but SO beautiful. I cannot fathom the decision to cover it up with floral wallpaper. I just can’t.
We’ll see if it survives. I emailed pictures to a paintings conservator. I have only the bare bones of the education and skill it would take to restore it, but perhaps with some guidance we can bring it back. Here’s the worst part of it – the paint came off with the wallpaper. I was so over eager I just pulled. But on the flip side – if I had steamed it, the paint probably would have been more badly damaged.

So: the house holds surprises still!

10 thoughts on “House Post: Front Entryway

  1. I'm generally not a fan of murals or 'busy' walls, but I love your find – so pretty and looks like it really suits the room!


  2. That's so amazing. Is there a signature and date anywhere? Wallpapers often sign and date their work so you'll find it under the paper when you pull it. If the room has been papered continuously and never painted, sometimes you can track back for decades. My parents found signatures and dates going back 100 years in one of their rooms. Good luck restoring the mural though, that sounds tough.


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