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Coggins Forms Online!

O, what a fascinating modern world we live in.

I got this email the evening after Tristan’s first round of spring shots.

Here’s what the link got me.
My previous Coggins is in there as well, but I have zero memory of having access to it, and had to set up a new account this year, so I think I just got emailed a PDF before.
This is freaking awesome. I always scanned my Coggins certificates so I would have them in the cloud in case I lost or forgot it. We’ve come a long way from those carbon copies in triplicate!
Does your vet do something like this, or are you still getting handwritten copies?

7 thoughts on “Coggins Forms Online!

  1. My vet has been using this same system for a few year and yet it has never worked for me for some reason. Every single year I try to log in, can't, figure out how, and my coggins isn't in there anyway. It's really frustrating and I end up getting a pdf emailed to me anyway. I'm glad it's working for you though!


  2. I actually just got my first digital coggins copy yesterday. Honestly I was kind of happy with the yellow paper copy because let's be honest–the drawn horse is more photogenic than my own. 😉 Very cool system!


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