march madness 2015

Horse Movie March Madness: The Bracket

It’s time! Here’s the bracket for our March Madness voting, based on the poll that ran Monday and Tuesday. I chose the top 16 vote-getters, and then randomized the brackets using a handy-dandy website generator.

I know I said I’d start voting today, but doing this bracket has taken all my extra mental concentration for the day, so I will set up the polls to start voting tomorrow. Get ready! Some crazy matchups in there.

10 thoughts on “Horse Movie March Madness: The Bracket

  1. Agreed! I totally voted for the Silver Stallion…thanks for keeping me company πŸ™‚ Add me to the non War Horse fans as well


  2. I'm going to assume Horsemasters didn't make the list because it's too obscure, but darn it's a good movie! And I agree with Carly – War Horse the movie was horrible, but the Broadway show was freaking amazing.


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