march madness 2015

Round 2 Results

First, a farewell to the horses who were left behind after this round:

Ashleigh’s Wonder


We have two weeks left in March, so this week will feature our final showdowns, and then next week will feature our champion round.

In the meantime, thanks for everyone who voted in Round 2! Rafflecopter tells me that the winner of the $25 gift card to Riding Warehouse is…

Margaret D.!

Congrats, Margaret – check your email!

march madness 2015

YOUR WINNER: The Black Stallion

It was a nailbiting finish, but in the end, The Black Stallion finished as the ultimate Horse Movie March Madness champion.

Like many of you, I had no idea how strongly I felt about The Black Stallion until it was threatened. That’s not to say I wasn’t still rooting for the horse movie of my heart, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, which is still the greatest horse movie of all time no matter what this poll says, but wow, did I want Black Stallion to crush all the other comers!
It’s not to terribly surprising, though, right? The book itself is nearing 75 years old, and the movie is nearing 40 years old. It speaks to a really deep, powerful horse myth: the magical horse who bonds with one boy, and they survive together. (We’ll pretend the alien shit in the later books didn’t happen, ok? Ok.)
In the end, aren’t we all pretending, at least a little bit, to be Alec and the Black on the beach when we gallop our own horses?
Thank you to everyone who voted, that was a lot of fun. 🙂
march madness 2015

Horse Movie March Madness Conclusion: National Velvet versus The Black Stallion

I put off this post for a little longer to wait for the tight race between Black Beauty and National Velvet to end precisely on time – and it was close right up to the wire.

This may be our most difficult matchup yet, between two movies that held off all the other competitors.

There can be only one. Which horse movie emerges from our endless rounds of voting as the 2015 champion?

march madness 2015

FINAL FOUR: National Velvet versus Black Beauty

Here’s our second matchup of the Final Four, another really tough choice.

National Velvet handily beat out Hidalgo in its previous match.

Black Beauty just baaaarely edged by Seabiscuit.

Here’s a nice collection of clips from National Velvet – it hits all the highlights, including all those gorgeous shots of Elizabeth Taylor galloping the (chestnut) Pie.

Here’s the trailer for Black Beauty.
So…who advances?
march madness 2015

FINAL FOUR: The Black Stallion versus Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

Here, I’ll set the mood.

Here’s what our bracket looks like now.

We’re down to the Final Four. Every movie that made it to this round should hold its head high, because some really great movies went down in the previous rounds. That said, this can only get harder now, and this match in particular is a real heartbreaker.
The Black Stallion edged by The Man from Snowy River by one measly vote, proving that every single vote counts.
Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken only cleared Secretariat by two votes. 
For this round, I’ll find some iconic scenes from the movies in question to get you inspired and make you think about your vote. So here, take a few minutes to watch these. I’ll wait.
Now make your tough decision.
march madness 2015

Round 2, Match 3: National Velvet versus Hidalgo

National Velvet versus Hidalgo

Here’s where it really starts to hit the fan.
National Velvet had an easy win over The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit, which might be the first time one of my own personal picks had such a resounding loss. Apparently no one else chants “Aspercel, Aspercel, when you’re sick it’ll make you well!” after opening their medicine cabinet.
Hidalgo eked out a really close win over Return to Snowy River – which I have to say, I was not expecting! Quite a bit of consternation in the comments on that one, too.
So: who gets to keep going, and who has to stay behind?
march madness 2015

Round 2, Match 2: Secretariat versus Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

First, a moderator note: the next two matches will be posted at 10:00 am EST on Saturday and Sunday. They’ll feature National Velvet versus Hidalgo and Black Beauty versus Seabiscuit. Each poll will be open for 24 hours, so make sure you get your vote in. (If you miss it and you REALLY want to vote, leave a comment before Monday at 10:00 am so I can take it into account.)

On Monday, we’ll do the two Final Four matches and then on Tuesday, March 31, we’ll have the final.

Secretariat versus Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

This match pits one of the real nail-biters of Round 1 against the runaway winner of the other bracket.

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken barely beat out Spirit: Wild Stallion of the Cimarron despite my decidedly non-objective rant.

Secretariat trounced The Horse Whisperer much like its title character at the Belmont.

Who will make it to the next round?

march madness 2015

Round 2, Match 1: The Black Stallion versus The Man from Snowy River

Here’s where the rubber starts to hit the road: round 2. These are just going to get more and more difficult to vote on, I think. Here is your Round 2 bracket:

Our first match of round 2 pits two titans against each other: The Black Stallion and The Man from Snowy River.

The Black Stallion handily beat out War Horse in round 1. The Man from Snowy River had a slightly tougher battle against Sylvester, but still never gave up its early lead.

Only one can pass on to the quarterfinals. Who will it be?