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Nashville Blogger Meetup?

In about two weeks, I’ll be down in Nashville for a few days for a bachelorette party. Said party will take over most of my time there, BUT!

It literally just occurred to me last night that some of you are in the Nashville area and we could meet up.

Because of time constraints & other commitments on my part, the only day/time that works is afternoon through evening on Sunday, April 23. I will have at that point rented a car so I can do some traveling further afield but would rather not go more than an hour.

Are you in Nashville? Want to put together a horse blogger meetup? Send me an email: beljoeorATgmailDOTcom.

Also: if there’s anything horsey (or otherwise) I should check out in Nashville, let me know! I may have an hour or two free in the previous days that I can use to pursue my own interests.

(I am…not really a country music fan? But I like Tennnessee, and history, and barbecue, and biscuits, and tourist things.)

blogger meetup

Horse Blogger Meetup in Vermont This Weekend!

Juuuuuuust in case anyone feels like making a last-minute trip to Vermont to hang out with awesome people!

We’ll be hanging out at my house Saturday night, then brunch + barn on Sunday.

If you would like to join us, shoot me an email or leave a comment here. I’m at beljoeor[at]gmail[dot]com.

(you’d better believe there will be recaps next week, so conquer your pre-FOMO by coming up to join us!)

blogger meetup

Vermont Horse Blogger Meetup!


Through a confluence of exciting events (chief among them Lauren of She Moved to Texas being in town) we’re putting together a Vermont Horse Blog Meetup ™!

Our barn is the prettiest.

If you are New England-ish, and want to come hang out with us, please do! (By us, I mean Lauren and also Emilie from Because Pony and maybe a few other cool horse people.)

Dates are Saturday night, November 5 through midday Sunday, November 6.

If you’d like to come up Saturday and stay overnight, I can offer a place to crash as long as you’re ok with an air mattress and animals (an energetic Boxer mix pup and a standoffish fluffy cat).

We’ll do Something Fun (TBD) on Saturday night, and then on Sunday we’ll hang out at our barn.

If you have ever wanted to meet/and or ride a lazy mustang or an adorable Haflinger, now is your chance. Shoot me an email at and say hi!

But I will be honest: it will probably look more like this.