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Vermont Horse Blogger Meetup!


Through a confluence of exciting events (chief among them Lauren of She Moved to Texas being in town) we’re putting together a Vermont Horse Blog Meetup ™!

Our barn is the prettiest.

If you are New England-ish, and want to come hang out with us, please do! (By us, I mean Lauren and also Emilie from Because Pony and maybe a few other cool horse people.)

Dates are Saturday night, November 5 through midday Sunday, November 6.

If you’d like to come up Saturday and stay overnight, I can offer a place to crash as long as you’re ok with an air mattress and animals (an energetic Boxer mix pup and a standoffish fluffy cat).

We’ll do Something Fun (TBD) on Saturday night, and then on Sunday we’ll hang out at our barn.

If you have ever wanted to meet/and or ride a lazy mustang or an adorable Haflinger, now is your chance. Shoot me an email at and say hi!

But I will be honest: it will probably look more like this.

13 thoughts on “Vermont Horse Blogger Meetup!

  1. It really is giant! I think most people don't realize how wide it is. (Unless you're from the west and think that all of the northeastern states are tiny.)


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