Very quick Tristan surgery update

I will have more substantial updates later, maybe, but for now:

  • Tristan shipped down on Sunday, January 29, a touch earlier than planned but better early than late! He ended up spending 13 hours on the trailer but handled it beautifully.
  • He had his surgery this morning, February 1, and it went precisely as planned. The surgeon removed the keratoma, and because we caught it so fast, he did not have to debride the coffin bone at all.
  • Tris handled the anesthesia beautifully – you may remember that I thought they would be able to do the surgery standing under local, but that was not the case. Regardless, he had zero problems and when he woke up he looked around and calmly stood up.
  • Apparently all the vet students are quite charmed by him!
  • I haven’t been able to see him much due to weird mixups about secret unpublished COVID rules, but hope to get a little time with him tomorrow.
  • Since Vermont is about to experience a hideously dangerous cold snap on Friday and Saturday, I’m hoping to target Sunday for his return. It doesn’t feel smart or safe to move him from a heated barn to a place experiencing -20F actual and -50F windchill temps.

I got basically nothing done today, could practically feel my brain slipping gears whenever I tried to concentrate, but this evening I am finally releasing some of the stress and able to focus again.

Hopefully my next update is that Tris is home safe and sound and we are on the rehab path!

3 thoughts on “Very quick Tristan surgery update

  1. Ugh, I hadn’t even thought about Covid rules! I’m so sorry you haven’t been able to spend much time with him, that’s hard. But I’m glad all has gone well! Hopefully it’s all smooth sailing from here for you guys! Thanks for the update!


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