Keratoma Surgery – Financial Transparency Edition

Last time Tristan had surgery on this foot, for an ever-so-slightly different problem, I did a wrap-up post about the costs, because I think it’s useful for people to know and think about these things.

First things first: I do not have insurance. I guess I have sort of self-insured because I have worked very hard for many years to build up savings accounts specifically for Tristan emergencies. They will take a significant hit with this surgery, but they are enough for me to be able to say that money will not be the thing making any decisions for us over the next couple of weeks. I get to focus solely on ensuring the best possible outcomes. I’m grateful for that.

I’ll post further with updates as things evolve, but here are where things stand today, 10 days out from the surgery.

1/10/23VeterinaryDiagnosis by home vet, rads$450.00
1/11/23Misc. CareBOT bell boots$49.65
1/20/23Misc. CareWrapping supplies$46.35
1/20/23TravelAirBnB Reservation$556.76
1/31/23TravelShipping estimate (VT->PA)$1,250.00
2/1/23VeterinarySurgery estimate$2,800 – $3,900
2/3/23TravelShipping estimate (PA->VT)$1,250.00
Total so far:$6,402.76 – $7,502.76

Likely additions going foward:

  • local vet aftercare & checkups
  • specialty shoeing (glue-ons for at least one cycle)
  • extra hospital costs if he has to stay a few days or receive more hands-on treatment
  • extra travel costs for me if I have to stay down longer than my current reservation, plus gas & food

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