January Updates

I almost blew my goal of blogging every single week in the third week of January. Good grief.

As content, here are a few random things on my mind over the past week.

We don’t have hurricanes, we don’t have earthquakes, we don’t have alligators…

It’s really flipping cold. This is what our next 10 days look like. See those overnight temps? Ugh. When it’s this bad, my riding time is severely curtailed. I visit to pour hot water into his insulated bucket, feed treats, groom, and maybe hand walk.

My personal cutoff for riding is 15 degrees. It used to be 10, but I’ve nudged it up over the years for a variety of reasons. Below that, I might hand walk, or get on bareback for a walk, or play in-hand. There’s some compelling research that maybe 20 degrees should be the cutoff, but I argue that for a horse acclimated to the weather, it’s fine to go down to 15. (And I know plenty of people who will work in single digits.)

Speaking of cold, this was -11F last weekend.

I have a new phone! I was using an iPhone 4S before. It was starting to fail, and I had an upgrade waiting when I went to make some other tweaks to our phone plan, so now I have an iPhone 13! Mini, since I cannot with those giant half-tablet things.

Why should you care? Well, I had practically given up on getting Pivo to work with my old phone. I only had 30GB of storage on it, and the camera just wasn’t very good. The one time I got it to record and follow me most of the time, it couldn’t save the video and I had to watch it vanish and I may have cried.

Almost immediately after setting up this phone, with its 128GB of storage and freakish camera, I pulled out my Pivo and charged it. I figure long bareback walks are a great opportunity to get it calibrated again.

Current favorite new pattern. 😍

Have I mentioned I’m busy? Yeah. I have that pesky day job that pays the bills, a house that I am in theory renovating, the Etsy shop that hit warp speed in 2020 and has only barely slowed down since, and oh yeah, added a huge pile of civic volunteering and political organizing to my plate. I had multiple hours of Zoom meetings or phone calls every single night this week.

It’s good and bad. I love my day job and there are some super cool things happening there. The Etsy shop has made SO many things possible. The house has been our refuge these last two years. I love the organizing – there’s so much to learn and do and so many ways to help and make things better. (I won’t lie, the fact that I seem to be good at it is also enormously appealing.)

I tell you what, though, I am tired.

New phone, same cuteness

Tristan is still the love of my life. Some things will never change. January 2 marks sixteen years since he became mine, and this June will be seventeen years since he came into my life, and he is still the center of my whole world, no matter what else that world might include.

2 thoughts on “January Updates

  1. Though busy, it sounds like things are going well! The new phone will make all the difference with Pivo! Our daytime highs here in CT are about the same as yours of late, but fortunately our lows have stayed at or above zero. Not sure it makes much difference at that point though, does it? I don’t ride under 15 either… and honestly, unless everyone else is riding, I’ll decline below 20 too… I just hate the cold!


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