Giveaway: Dressage Rider’s Journal

I’m so delighted with the Dressage Rider’s Journal that I reviewed last week that I’m going to give away a copy to someone.

To enter, do two things:

That’s it! and I should clarify, this isn’t sponsored by Ruth, this is purely me thinking this book is awesome and more people should have a copy.

The giveaway will close next Friday, 1/21.

5 thoughts on “Giveaway: Dressage Rider’s Journal

  1. Ooh! Sign me up! My major goal is to conquer counter canter, but a minor goal is to just enjoy myself more in the saddle, more worry less about scores and more about learning with my horse.


  2. I love a good giveaway. Here’s one of my goals for this year:
    2. Solidify our second level work. This is a goal that will need #1 to be successful and a lot of help with lessons from Jane:
    a. improve longitudinal and lateral suppleness
    b. carry more from behind and not load the forehand
    c. improve counter canter and canter-walk transitions
    If I can get that solidified I can then start stretching into 3rd level work.

    I followed the link but couldn’t see how to sign up for the newsletter- I did look around the site.


  3. Timely, as I just managed to finish writing my goals post to go up next week! My goal for 2022 is to finally go down centerline at a recognized dressage show 😀

    Same comment as the above two folks, I couldn’t actually find a sign up, although I clicked all over her website and tried in several different browsers.


  4. I’m not a dressage rider but sure, why not! My horsey goal for 2022 is to qualify for the USHJA Adult Horsemanship finals again but this time place in the top 10! I was 14th this year and it was a bit disappointing but I know ssoooooo much more about the process now.

    As far as riding goes, I want to keep puzzling out Dante and hopefully get him back to being a reliable 3’+ horse.


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