Heat wave

The deal we make with Vermont is that we put up with the miseries of winter, the weeks of below-zero temperatures, in exchange for a perfect summer that only very rarely goes into the mid-80s.

Joke’s on us this year! We’ve already had two little heat waves that have hit 90.

On Monday, I returned to Vermont after a weekend in Maine (I just…left the state! without making elaborate quarantine plans or getting a test or anything! it was GLORIOUS) and it was just too damn hot to ride, despite my commitment to riding as much as possible during my vacation.

So, Tris got a bath instead.

He DOES NOT LIKE baths. Or water generally. But I bribed him with treats and really went to town, shampooing his tail and leaving in conditioner while I shampooed the rest of him.

He’s such a funny color that I always forget that yeah he really does look better after a bath. Too often the dirt just sort of blends in with his variegated coat and you can only really tell if you look up close.

Now he is bright red and shiny, and soft. He set a new land speed record for rolling after a bath, dropping 5 minutes into our handgrazing session to dry him out a bit. Oh well. At least it was only on grass.

4 thoughts on “Heat wave

    1. We do get humidity, though I don’t know how to classify it – it totally depends on the day/week. Some days it’s fine, other days it’s quite humid. Nothing like the constant oppressive humidity of the deep South, or the bone-dry heat of the Southwest.


  1. I didn’t realize it was that hot up there too! I don’t mind the heat, but the horses were trying to call the authorities on me for riding them (lightly). Though I’m sure he’ll never admit it, I bet that bath felt pretty great for Tristan!


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