I wrapped up a huge project at work and took two weeks off right when my two week wait until full vaccination wrapped up, huzzah!

(well okay I have a few odds and ends I am still worrying about and have to go in early next week to work on them a bit, but it’s close)

I’ve been riding just about every day, doing business development stuff, cleaning my house, reading, and lots of other little things that have piled up while my attention has been consumed by work. I’m going back to CrossFit, meeting up with friends, and trying to dig deeper on some of my civic commitments. This weekend I’m going to watch a webinar on property assessment hearings, wooooo!

Tristan is now one week out from his hock injections and after a few days of light work, back in work. I’ve ridden every day so far, and at the time this post publishes will be in a lesson.

There is definitely some improvement: the slight funniness of his hind end is gone, and he’s much more even. Which is not to say that he doesn’t trip still. He’s always tripped. Whoever started the myth of the surefooted mustang never met my horse, who is 50/50 on any given moment on whether he’s fighting with me or watching where he’s going.

I’ll take even, though. And more springy, for sure. I gather we’ve got a little while longer to see how the injections settle in, and as we notch his work up in intensity, to see if it helps him sit through the hind end the way I was hoping.

I’m hoping to crack down on working with my Pivo over the next week, too, and finally line up all the various dumb things that have plagued me in getting it to work so far: cell phone battery, Pivo battery, crappy indoor lighting, crappy tripod, thunderstorm, forgetfulness, etc.

Anyone else taking advantage of vaccination and the turning of the season to take some time to yourself and re-enter the world?

3 thoughts on “V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N

  1. My job granted me a lifetime vacation back in March, so I too am enjoying saddle time and catching up on all the things that I didn’t have time for the last 20 years. Lol! You sound like you’re feeling much more relaxed already!
    Glad the injections seem to have helped, and I bet you’ll see the things you’re hoping to as you get going more.
    Also this line: “who is 50/50 on any given moment on whether he’s fighting with me or watching where he’s going” describes my relationship with Shiny pretty perfectly. I’ve also accepted that is who she is as a pony.


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