Goal Achieved

It’s been a garbage year for pretty much everything, but I hit a pretty big personal milestone on Friday.

I opened this Etsy shop just about exactly three years ago thinking it would be a good complement to my income from the day job, which was barely enough to cover the things I needed and wanted to do – especially anything horse-related.

I’m really proud and happy of how it’s gone, with strong, consistent growth over three years and a side income that has made so, so many things about the last few years easier – including making many, many thousands of dollars in vet bills much easier to shoulder.

I also still get a happy thrill when people review my saddle covers and say how much they love them. It’s a great dopamine rush, even as I stare down what will likely be an extremely busy holiday season.

Thank you to every single blog reader who has cheered me on, told their friends about the shop, or ordered something for themselves.

Onward and upward!

4 thoughts on “Goal Achieved

  1. Good for you! Can I put in a special request for a non-fleece saddle cover? I do need to buy three new dressage covers to replace the fleece ones I have now. Living in northern New England, I have hairy ponies and their hair gets everywhere. Non-fleece stirrup covers are especially essential 😉

    Keep up the great work!


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