Help me figure out some new products!

I want to add more embroidered saddle covers to the Etsy store, so…help me out!

Here are the links to my current selection:

Monogrammed Covers

Breed Logo Covers

Personalized Covers

I want to add more options to all of those sections, but what should I add?

I don’t know anything about monograms (they are so not my style): are there any other popular styles that you like?

Any other breeds that absolutely should be there? (My offer on the breed logos stands btw – if you want one in a style I don’t have yet, I’ll make it for you for free, because that way I get a sample to photograph for the listing. So pitch me one!)

I’ve thought about doing a series of image outlines + your name (or your horse’s name). Something like the below.

Caballo Head Vectors, Photos and PSD files | Free Download - Clip ...

Or maybe an action shot.

show jumping emblem - black and white outline of horse and jockey ...

All ideas welcome!


19 thoughts on “Help me figure out some new products!

  1. This may not be what you’re going for, but have you considered adding fabric options besides fleece? Like something fleece-lined but with a heavier fabric on the outside less inclined to attract dust? That’s always been my hold up, I hate fleece in the barn haha. I don’t know if that requires a different machine than you have, would be considerably more expensive, etc., it’s just a thought 🙂 or the style of saddle cover with the little “sleeves” that you slide the girth through so it stays on top of your saddle?


    1. I actually have and early on in quarantine made a prototype. Your comment pushed me to get it photographed and cut the pieces for a few more for testing. It would be more expensive – adding a second layer of fabric and more time – but probably not prohibitively so. Maybe $40 total – I’ll have to run the numbers more carefully. So keep an eye out for that.


      1. Oh yeah I definitely assumed doubling the fabric would increase the price 🙂 I really LOVE what you do but I really cannot get over my dislike of fleece exterior (I like a fleece lining to protect the leather I just want the outside to be more dirt-repellent [or at least not a dirt attractor! haha]), but I kind of just figured that was a weird me quirk and totally not your issue to solve lol. Butttttt if you had already been working on a prototype, here’s a vote for some non-fleece exterior options 😉

        As I’m working on my tack shed reno I keep thinking how nice it would be if all of my (EIGHT lol) saddles had matching covers…… but that might get dicey considering all of the different styles.


  2. You know I’m going to say that we need a PRE one….. 😉 I also agree with Leah about using other fabrics and the slot for the girth. So many times I’m loading my saddle in the trailer and the girth falls on the ground.


    1. Link me to a PRE brand and I’ll make it!

      I had someone request a girth slot. It never ever occurred to me that people would want one since my girths are always fleece-covered and therefore always stick, but I’ll play with it!


      1. Here is the ANCCE (PRE) website with their logo in the upper left:

        The IALHA registry logo is here (upper left also):

        I just wasn’t sure about the legality of requesting you to use their logo on items in terms of copyright? Also my horses are registered with IALHA and it’s a garbage registry to deal with so I kind of didn’t want to advertise for them haha. But I bet there’s a stock image out there of an Iberian-type horse…..


      2. I did a fair amount of research before I decided to go ahead with doing breed logos in the first place and came to the conclusion that some of the individual registries might be trademarked, but that it is a generally weak trademark and that it’s used in SO many places and ways that I would be okay making things with breed logos. If/when I’m approached by a registry I would either take it down OR offer to pay them a licensing fee. I have avoided breed registries that are more like marketing organizations (for example, some of the OTTB logos, and the mustang ones).

        I may reach out to the IAHLA and see about permission for either that logo or – what do you think of this brand? https://ialha.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/IALHA_BreedBrand_logo_hi-res.jpg


  3. I think that makes sense! I’m more familiar with the photography side of copyright (since I occasionally dabble in that). I can’t speak for any other Andalusian owners, because I am sure there are plenty out there that like IALHA as a registry, but they have always been exceptionally shitty for me to deal with. So while I would love to commemorate my horses heritage on something like a saddle cover, I struggle with the idea of being stuck with IALHA lol. I never did bother to get a farm logo set up for myself (although it’s been on my list of things to do for like TEN YEARS) but maybe this is the kick in the pants I need to find a designer… Actually I also need to design a freeze brand so maybe I’ll just do that and use it for everything lol.


  4. I would definitely purchase something without a fleece exterior (I have a cover with a cotton twill outside and fleece inside that I LOVE) with the Weser-Ems logo!


  5. I’m also in the camp of hating fleece. My barn cats are drawn to fleece and then track dirt, hair and all sorts of unmentionable stuff onto said fleece. I would totally be all for a cover that has fleece inside and something more dirt repellant outside.


  6. Just sent you a crazy monogram lady message because… me, but also agree with non-fleece covers (my BC cover is VELVET and…. no) and girth slots. My girths are so damn short (18″ and 20″), they slide everywhere. Or even like a girth… holder? I could use inside my other saddle cover? Maybe your irons slide through and then a loop your girth slides though? IDK. Not creative.

    Also a saddle cover with a slot at the bottom for my monoflap billets because they get squished up or my cover comes off.


  7. I like the outline ones personalized with a name or initials. That would be very nice!
    Do you offer custom logos already? I’m not really sure how hard that is to set up. But I’m sure people would like that option.


    1. I do, yes! I do the semi-regularly. I really love doing them actually. I also have done them for a barn and then set up a separate listing for boarders to each buy their own.: https://www.etsy.com/listing/627936350/your-logo-custom-fleece-saddle-cover-for?ref=shop_home_active_2&frs=1

      I’ve been considering adding an option where people can design their own fleece and then I do a cover out of that…it would probably be at the same or a slightly higher price point, since the material cost would be pretty high. Would it be appealing, though? If they got, say, their barn logo repeated on the fabric?


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