SaddleBox Review

Yes, like many many other much more prominent/interesting/influential bloggers, I also received a SaddleBox to try and review for you all to read about. I got it…probably before Thanksgiving, honestly. Sorry, SaddleBox! You were so nice to send it and I suck.

Anyway. I opened it a few days ago and I’ll admit: was pleasantly surprised.

Overall, I’d say the mix was about 1/3 stuff I really liked, 1/3 stuff I’m neutral on but can always use, and 1/3 stuff that was nice, but…not quite for me.


First, treats. Can you really go wrong with treats? I don’t think so. Especially peppermints, which are hands-down Tristan’s favorite. These fell firmly into the loved category.


Also in the loved category: that hoofpick. YOU GUYS. I have a thing about hoofpicks and I have like three in my tack box at all times because different ones work differently and I never know which I’ll need based on my mood and/or Tristan’s feet on any given day. This hoofpick is a perfect – and actually really nice! – version of the “very narrow and pointy pick” variety which is perfect for sort of angling under and up in the heel when his frog is a little bit shed-y and I really want to scrape out any grossness and…I’ve probably talked way too much about my thoughts on hoofpicks. Anyway: it’s legitimately AWESOME.

Rounding out the “sure, can’t have enough” category is the vetwrap and the shedding blade. I swear I could curry Tristan in a shedding blade every day and he’d still lean into it. This one is nicely bite-y and will come in handy when he starts blowing out that long coat.


Straddling the love and like category is this bathing scrunchie. I really like it in theory but I’ll have to test it in concept. I could still go either way on it.

In the “sure…I guess?” category was the scarf below the scrunchie.


It’s a super pretty scarf, reasonably nice fabric (though extremely lightweight), with a pretty design. I just..don’t accessorize. Really ever. At all. I can’t even remember to change my earrings so I leave the same studs in 24/7. A more stylish person who worked harder at being presentable would probably love this scarf. I know there are lots of you out there! I just can’t partake in that level of energy for what I’m wearing.


Last but not least, this lovely little brush. It’s a nice soft face brush and I like it so much…I already own one exactly like it, only with black bristles because let’s be real white bristles? whyyyyyy? So…love but don’t really need another?


It was a lot of fun to get horse stuff in the mail rather than multivitamins or a new dryer vent, I’ll tell you that much. So I think there are lots of people who might like this, and the overall success of subscription boxes in this day and age certainly points to that! But I am not really that person. I think after the third or fourth one I’d start to think too much about all the STUFF and want to purge and/or donate it and it would make me more anxious than happy. But, you know, your brain may vary.

So: thank you, SaddleBox, for sharing your cool stuff with me! If you know someone in your life who loves testing out new horse stuff, loves getting mail, or is somewhat new to horses and is just waiting to learn about the joys of different hoof picks: this would honestly be a terrific gift.

And let’s face it, most people suck at giving things to horse people, so – hey, people out there who love horse people: GET THEM THIS INSTEAD OF OTHER RANDOM NORMAL STUFF THEY’LL HAVE TO PRETEND TO LOVE. I would have been super, super touched if my in-laws had gotten me this. They get me great gifts! But they have never gotten me anything horsey at all because they just have no idea where to even start. This would be a great start.

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