2020 Goals

Okay, here we go!


  1. Ride a First Level test at one of the two barn schooling shows
  2. Take notes (however brief) on every ride
  3. Clean tack at least 1x a month
  4. Volunteer at 3 events
  5. Take 25 lessons
  6. *Reach goal: Go to Crossfit 100 times (or roughly 2x a week) for additional fitness



  1. Keep up with monthly expense/revenue tracking
  2. Maintain 100 listings in the Etsy store
  3. Mustang gear goes live
  4. Sponsor 5 riders
  5. Table at a horse show
  6. *Reach goal: Get to 1000 sales on Etsy



  1. Try 25 new recipes
  2. Try making: croissants, eclairs, cinnamon rolls
  3. Declutter in February
  4. Finish 5 craft projects
  5. Finish upstairs bathroom, front guest bedroom, and nook room
  6. *Reach goal: submit Morgan article for publication

5 thoughts on “2020 Goals

  1. I have a cinnamon roll recipe that is easy and delicious if you want it. See how I went right to the baking goals? I too want to try making eclairs.


    1. Yes, please! I should clarify: I’ve made cinnamon rolls perhaps a half dozen times before, but I’ve never been really happy with them. So this goal is more about nailing the recipe I want to become my go-to rather than simply making them.

      I did eclairs once as a kid with my mother, but it was easily almost thirty years ago now. They seem fairly simple, right…?


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