House Post: Upstairs Bathroom

I keep describing this to people as an accidental renovation, which then causes them to make a disbelieving face…but I promise, I did not intend to do this quite yet!

About three weeks ago, the upstairs tub faucet started to drip. A good drip, the kind that was easily filling a bowl every 2-3 hours. Some months ago I had already had a conversation with a plumber about some intended changes to the tub to get a proper shower in it, and when I called to have him fix the drip, he said “well, sure, but you know we can do the shower part for basically the same cost as fixing the drip?”


So, about two weeks ago, I stripped the first layer of wallpaper and opened up the wall above the tub to get access for the plumber. That’s where we stand right now. In the coming weeks I’ll strip the remaining wallpaper, paint the walls, remove the existing tile, replace the tile, paint the vanity & other things (towel rack and toilet paper holder), and think very hard about doing the floor.

I’d love to have it finished by mid-December, but we’ll see.

Before & in progress photos below.


2 thoughts on “House Post: Upstairs Bathroom

  1. This is how I renovated our bathroom after we got a new stove. Because the stove had to move and the cabinets had to get swapped around and the ceiling scrubbed and I was sitting in the bathroom with a roller full of ceiling paint and realized I could fix that too and the next thing I knew I had repainted the walls, smashed out the old tiles, laid in new flooring and replaced the toilet. It was a slow motion, evolving, accidental renovation, and I am so pleased it is 98% done now!


  2. My kitchen reno took a similar path… I had intended to only replace the counter tops, and a couple of appliances I was taking from my dad’s house (he was also renovating). One thing led to another, and next thing I knew the entire kitchen was done over. I couldn’t see the photos (I think it’s my work’s blocks though), but I’m sure it’s coming along fabulously!


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