Memorial Day Sale + Giveaway


Getting back in the swing of things here with a couple of Bel Joeor Metier announcements.

I’m planning a huge sale coming up this weekend. Beginning Friday and through Monday, there are a couple of things going on at Bel Joeor Metier, for all your Memorial Day weekend shopping needs:

  • free domestic shipping on all orders over $50
  • 20% off all saddle covers
  • 10% off all handy bags

I’m also doing a HUGE giveaway.

How huge? Well: it’s a giveaway squared.

If you win the giveaway for one of the three items below, you get not only an item for yourself – you get an item to give away on your blog as well!

There are three possible things to win below: a patterned saddle cover, a monogrammed or personalized saddle cover, and a custom logo saddle cover.

Even better: there are two giveaways each for the patterned and the embroidered saddle covers. Add it all up and it’s a giveaway of TEN saddle covers!

They’ll run for one week, until midnight on Memorial Day, May 27.

Enter early, enter often!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

11 thoughts on “Memorial Day Sale + Giveaway

    1. Ha, and as I see the entry notes “which one would I choose?” – Patterned or the monogrammed because I haven’t developed a logo for the farm yet.


  1. I have that gorgeous purple plaid saddle cover from you. How do I leave a good review? Where? thanks I was using it this past weekend and was like DANG i love this thing (alas I really don’t need another one) HA !Thank you


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