Limited Availability – Embroidered Saddle Pads

I have no intention of adding embroidered saddle pads to my Etsy shop, BUT – I did a bunch for my barn for the holidays, and I over-ordered.

So before I send them back to Riding Warehouse, I thought I might offer them up here.

The saddle pads are Toklat Tango “Wave” pads, dressage cut with black braiding around the edge. The quilting pattern is sort of a wave, hence the name.

saddle pad

I have 10 available. For $40, including shipping, I can put a name or monogram in any color on the left side corner. I can do some limited designs as well. For anything I’d have to get digitized (ie a logo or a design I don’t already have) the total cost would go up to $50. I can embroider a space up to 5″x7″.

As I said, this is a limited run. I’ll keep this offer open until the end of February, and then they’re headed back to Riding Warehouse.

If you want one, email me: beljoeor[at]gmail[dot]com. I’ll invoice you directly.

Any questions, ask away in the comments!

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