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House Post: Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

One of my Christmas presents this year is to do a small but impactful upgrade to the kitchen: new cabinet pulls.

You may recall that I’d already stripped the wallpaper and repainted. I also added a dish soap dispenser and swapped the antique microwave for a vent hood. Other than that – not much has changed in the kitchen.

It’s a great kitchen. The cabinets are a touch outdated, but I like wood rather than white cabinets, so I’m inclined to keep them that way. Eventually, we’ll replace the floor and the countertops, but that’s more in the 3-5 year plan.

In the meantime: cabinet pulls. I forgot to take a picture of the current/old ones, because I’m an idiot, but you can see the outline of where it was in the first picture.

The second picture is a potential replacement.




It’s definitely a significant improvement, but I’m not in love with the style. It looks a little too prefab for me.

I know I want something Art Deco-y. I know I can’t spend $25 per pull, much as I might lust after these, from the House of Antique Hardware. (They’re also not the right size; I need 3″ pulls because I have zero interest in messing around with wood filler, etc.)

These are a distinct possibility but I’m not sure I love the rounded look.

This one is also a possibility, but the smallest it comes is 3.5″.


On the off chance that anyone out there enjoys haunting the internet for cabinet pulls in your spare time, here are my requirements:

  • 3″ center to center
  • satin or brushed nickel finish
  • under $10 per
  • art deco styling

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