Back in the saddle again


Last week, I spent the bulk of my time flat on my back in bed, watching Veronica Mars. The good news here is that I had 500 hours of sick time at work on the books and that Veronica Mars is awesome. (I know, I’m 15 years late to the party.)

The bad news is that the only time I got out of bed was to fill orders for Bel Joeor Metier, but even that’s good news because Christmas is paid for! And, if the next week shakes out ok, I’ll have dug myself entirely out of the hole from Tristan’s hospital visit this fall. Okay, so that’s mostly good news.

The really bad news is that I didn’t get to the barn until Friday, and even then only to try out his new boots.

So this week it’s back to the grindstone. I still can’t take a really deep breath (stupid lungs), but I’m back in the saddle this week for at least short rides.

On the agenda:

  • forward, always, quick moving feet
  • lateral work, in particular working on shoulder in
  • snappy canter departs

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