House Post: Plastering the Living Room

Overall, the living room has been going much more slowly than I wanted it to. It’s still going, for sure, but I had hopes of finishing it quickly and doing one last room in 2018. That might not happen.

Anyway: living room. The first layer of plaster is now done. The slowest part is not the walls – those are probably 75% done after the first layer, and the remaining bits are nothing special – it’s the corners.

Every single corner has to be rebuilt from top to bottom. That’s a lot of plaster, and a lot of sanding. It’s nothing compared to the skimcoating from the dining room, but it’s still a pain in the ass.

Still: if I can stay on top of things this week, it’s realistic to think that next weekend I can prime. Then I’ll test paint colors and then the hardest part of the entire project is next: convincing my husband that we need to rip up the carpet.


5 thoughts on “House Post: Plastering the Living Room

    1. He loves wall to wall and hates hardwood floors. He is That Person.

      If the carpet were in good shape I’d consider leaving it in this room to appease him, but it’s 20+ years old, beat up, and the dog has peed on just about every inch of it. So.


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