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Help me shop: brushing boots

First question: do they still call them brushing boots?


Since his summer and fall of doing dumb shit, I’ve been putting boots on Tristan for every ride. It takes an extra 5 minutes but with the way he manages to flail around I figure it pays off.

Problem: my boots are crappy. They’re the $10 a pair neoprene brushing boots from Dover. Now, I am not a neoprene hater – but these are a) kind of crappy and b) they don’t fit his legs particularly well.


I’d like to get him new boots for Christmas, so: help!

I don’t need anything like tendon boots or open front. I don’t need fancy or trendy. He’s not jumping anymore, so it’s not for poles or anything like that.

Basically, I need boots to provide an extra layer of protection for when he forgets what to do with his legs. He stumbles a LOT. Especially his hind legs. Especially now, while he’s trying to add strength in his hind end.

He has pony-length legs (right now his cheap Dover boots are small in front, medium in back) but horse-thickness. So short boots are often not wide enough. I have to pull the Dover boots a little bit more snug than I’d really like, for example. He’s just got a ton of bone in his leg. That would be a big consideration for whatever I buy.


I’d also really like them to cover as much of his fetlock as possible, since he has definitely whacked himself there in the past.

I’m not overly picky about material (like I said, I don’t mind neoprene) but it should be something that’s easily washable and that holds up. It won’t be going through water, etc., as if we were going XC, but I’ll certainly ride outside from time to time.

So: suggestions? Bonus points for keeping me under $150 for two pairs.


He says thank you!


11 thoughts on “Help me shop: brushing boots

  1. Not sure about sizing but I like Woof boots. They’re neoprene and not terribly expensive, but they seem to hold up well and you can throw them in the washing machine periodically for more thorough cleaning. Bonus, they come in a ton of colors so if you like that kind of thing you can color coordinate 🙂


  2. May has similar issues in terms of lots of bone in a short leg. I have been really happy with the Prof Choice Performance Elite XC Boots. I chatted with the Prof Choice people about my issues at KY3DE, and this was the pair they recommended. They come in slightly above your budget at about $170 for the full set. The Hybrid boots also look like a great option at ~$100 for the full set.

    Honestly, I would reach out to Prof Choice with your horse’s measurements, and see what they recommend. Also – RW is running a promotion on some Prof Choice boots right now.


    1. I second the Prof Choice. I have the Hybrid boots for my horse, front and back. They don’t have a lot of sizing options, however, so that might be an issue. But they are easy to put on/take off, light weight but sturdy, don’t absorb water, and are easy to clean.

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  3. My absolute favorites are ASBs- they stay looking sharp (MUCH better than woof boots), they are easy to clean (Much easier than DSBs), and they aren’t horrifically expensive.


  4. Levi likes to trip all over himself as well. I use DSBs instead of brushing boots. I’ve had them for years now and I’ve even trail ridden in them. They’re still in great shape. Nilla and Eugene fit in smalls in Pro Choice support type and open front type boots, but can wear these in Medium. The mediums also fit Levi who wears a medium in other boots. I think because they’re so soft and pliable, the size doesn’t have to be as perfect as with other types of boots.


  5. Another woof boot user. My 14hh big boned Welsh Cob wears mediums all around, and my 14.1hh German riding pony wears smalls, if that’s helpful.


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