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House Post: #@$&#%! Roof

Home ownership is a neverending exploration of all the dumb shit things that cost money, I tell you what.

Already this fall, we spent almost $1k to get some diseased trees removed.

Earlier this week, we had a nasty windstorm. I remember smugly thinking, “so glad we got those trees taken care of, I don’t have to worry any more about these storms!”



Cue frantic calling of all the roofers I could find via Google. Most of them didn’t quite laugh at me, but they were baffled that I thought that they might have ANY time to even come LOOK at the roof when winter is coming.

Yeah. Winter is coming. Hence why I want the damn thing fixed before SNOW.


Anyway, a very nice man finally agreed to come take a look and then I texted him probably waaaaaay too many times when he got delayed a couple of times and then on Saturday he came with a guy and they tacked the shingles back on.



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