HUGE Giveaway including Bel Joeor Metier


I’m really thrilled to be part of a huge giveaway hosted by @joyful_dressage on Instagram.

The winner will get an absolute avalanche of cool things, including one of my saddle covers.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, go check it out!

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HAPPY 10K GIVEAWAY MY FRIENDS!!! 🎃 A couple years ago, I started sharing photos and videos of Joy & Apple to connect with people who also led a horsey filled life as my equestrian social life was lacking. Since then, my herd has grown by 2 asses, 1 Posey, a husband, a blog with Erin (love you Bug 💜), & 10,100 of YOU! You all have watched my highest highs, my lowest lows, inspired me, let me give rambling advice, & become my family along the way. It’s unbelievable. ’m so humbled with the opportunity to give back to y’all, who have given me so much. I’m the luckiest. So let’s have some spooky, Posey approved fun! 🌸 • RULES: • 1. Winner will be announced on HALLOWEEN! 👻 • 2. Tag 3 friends below & follow ALL participating companies for entry. I’ll be checking and I take honor code seriously 😉 • 3. For additional entry, repost this to your story tagging me OR to your profile with the hashtag #Poseys10KGiveaway • PRIZES & COMPANIES @outofthewoodsgoods the cutest matching custom halter & bridle charms! @stockbubble pink belt, a staple for any ROOTD! @circuitstyle the BRAND NEW STRESSage tee, a collaboration with myself! @beljoeor a choice of any ready made saddle cover 💁🏻‍♀️ @equine.etiquette 20% off any product(s) & free shipping for polo needs! @hearthorsetack crystallized hat & saddle cover, staples for any tackroom! @summersidetack Horseware tote bag, Noble Outfitters bracelet, with sweetwater saddle soap/conditioner for pristine tack! @artastride a personal digital portrait (seriously talented, huge helper!) of your bff! @sdequus & @milestone.equestrian “Love is a four-legged word” sweatshirt, bc nothing says love like rescues! @dreamersnschemerssocks fabulous Fbomb socks for the BringOnBabyFbomb crew 💣 @centerlinestyle choice of either Mo’Money Mo’Ponies T-shirt OR Ride & Drink Iced Coffee T-shirt 😍 @piaffeshoppe $25 gift card for fashion needs! @frugal.filly HNH sweater & pony stickers! ❗️NEW❗️ @horseplayapparel $20 giftcard! @southernsweetpgh 40% off your order! I can’t wait share the next forever of Misfit Farms with you. Thank you for all that y’all have done, knowingly & unknowingly. Have FUN & good luck! 🎃#ThankfulAndGrateful

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