Motto of 2018: It can always get worse

Let’s recap: first, Tristan got a heel grab on his right front that got massively infected – as did the bell boot rub from the ONE DAY he wore a boot to try and protect the heel grab – and started growing proud flesh.

Then, just as he was recovering from that, he colicked and went to the clinic for three days.

He had about 10 days off from the colic, and then was back in work for a week…


…when he nailed his right hind heel. HIND.

So that was healing fine – drying up, scabbing over – until two days ago, when it started showing signs of infection as well.


Fuck if I’m giving him more time off, so I’m proceeding with a re-(re-re-re-re-re-) conditioning schedule. He’s lost so much balance and muscle that the only way he can canter through corners is on a 45 degree angle.

I’m wrapping that hind foot for now, treating it with antibiotics, mostly trying to cover it and get it to heal up a bit, on the theory that the ~8 weeks it took the other heel grab was exacerbated because of the heat and humidity of this summer. We’ll see how that theory plays out over the next week, because oh yeah there is ZERO extra money for vet bills right now.

This has been my life since July.

I would like to be done now.

10 thoughts on “Motto of 2018: It can always get worse

  1. Oh no. Horses seem to get on a roll with injury and it’s like they can’t stop! After what I just dropped on course for ulcer treatment, I feel your pain


  2. Yes this dumpster fire can stop right nao. Hopefully your holiday season will go swimmingly and be full of all the magic the media suggests it should.


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