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House Post: Kitchen Curtains

I think I’ve finally figured out what to do with the kitchen curtains.


Yeah, they’re pretty ugly right now. Or classic. Depending on how we’re viewing this particular moment in design history. Either way, they’re something. And it’s time for them to go.

I’ve dithered quite a lot and I think I have a final plan.

A lot of the curtains for sale in even vaguely modern styles aren’t the right fit.  Or they’re kind of expensive.

So, I think I’m going to make some, but here’s my debate.

Should I make just a set of valances?

Image result for window valancenot this pattern, but something like this

Or should I go more along the lines of what’s there, with a valance + side treatment?

Image result for kitchen window treatmentssuuuuuuper ugly but you get the idea

I suppose there’s always the third way of removing them and going without curtains entirely.

Well, any thoughts?

6 thoughts on “House Post: Kitchen Curtains

  1. My initial thought is just a valance – might open it up a little more and give you more natural light. What’s there seems overwhelming for the space – too much fabric/going on.


  2. If you get a lot of really bright, intense light through this window, I think I’d go for the valance. If not, I’d leave it naked!

    We have a window over the sink in our kitchen, and the previous owners left the valance that was on it. It was this v-shaped gaudy tapestry looking thing with a big tassel hanging off it. I hated it, so I took it down, thinking that it would be nice to have more light in the kitchen. I didn’t realize that the sun comes LASERING in this window in the morning. It’s so bad that I sometimes wear sunglasses to cook breakfast (you know, instead of putting the hideous valance back up or buying a different one). So my advice is take the existing curtain/valance off, live with it for a few days, and then decide if you’d rather have a different valance, blinds, or nothing!


  3. I think the side curtains on a shorter window like that look a little weird. We have just a valance above our kitchen window, but we also have a short window above the toilet in the bathroom that I’m struggling to think of something creative to do with besides the boring blind that’s currently hanging in front of it. Do people put curtains in their bathroom? Curtains are really the bane of my house decorating existence tbh.


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