Bel Joeor Metier: Next Steps?

I’m still testing out and adding new products to Bel Joeor Metier, my equestrian-themed Etsy shop.

Right now, I’m at a tiny bit of an impasse. I have three ideas for new products to develop and test next, and I want your opinion on which of them I should prioritize.

#1 is a modification to my existing saddle covers: adding ripstop water-resistant nylon fabric to the exterior, and swapping out the interior fleece for flannel instead. They wouldn’t be “ride all day in the rain” waterproof, but they would be a stylish way to cover a saddle, and if I can figure out the stirrups modification, you could conceivably ride in them in the rain for a short period of time. They’d probably end up retailing around $30 for the straight cover, and $35-$40 for the version with stirrup holes.

Image result for waterproof saddle cover

They might look a little bit like this, only in lots of colors.

#2 is a small but useful thing: bucket covers. These would be made out of ripstop nylon in a variety of colors, with customization (a monogram, a logo, or a particular design) possible. They’d probably end up retailing around $12.50.

Image result for horse bucket cover

#3 is a half-lanyard keychain. These would come with standard embroidered designs for a variety of disciplines, or they’d be personalized with monogram, name, etc. They’d probably end up retailing around $10.

Related image

This design, but not this ugly.

So, internet, which one should I tackle first?

4 thoughts on “Bel Joeor Metier: Next Steps?

  1. I have and use those bucket covers every single day, but would LOVE to get some in my barn colors! I would absolutely order at least 4 of them right away! I like the key chain idea too, but not sure if I really need more key chains in my life.


  2. I have always thought the bucket covers were neato! But from a business standpoint, I think people would order the lanyard/key chains more.


  3. BUCKET COVERS. GIMME. Especially now that I’m living out of my little trailer and hauling everything around.


  4. Ditto on the bucket covers – using one with my new horse, but would love a few monogrammed/fun ones! And would buy a lanyard or two, because they would be so fun!


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