Online Yard Sale Items!


Here are the items I have for sale! Remember, if you put up a post as part of this blog hop, make sure to leave a comment on the original blog hop post.

If you want to purchase any of these items, email me: beljoeor@gmail.com. I’ll accept payment through PayPal, and buyer pays shipping. (For just about everything here that will be pretty cheap.)

Before I get on to my other items for sale, I’ve extended the free shipping in my Etsy shop through March 5, AND if you use the coupon code BLOGHOP you’ll get an extra 10% off!

F.O.A.L Euroseat Kneepatch Breeches, Navy/Orange, Size Large


These are really nice breeches, worn only once and never to ride. Though they say large, they’re probably a 28-30 (aka too small for me).


Dublin Gray Kneepatch Breeches – 1 pair 30R, 1 pair 30L

$25 or $20 if you buy them both

Cotton with suede kneepatches, velcro bottom. Lovely dove gray that you can’t find anymore. I still have a pair of these that I use as show breeches for jumping/XC, but don’t need three pairs. The 30L pair has some loose stitching around the zipper (you can see it if you look closely at the second picture), but that’s the only blemish on either. Only worn a few times, if that.


Classic Equine Waxed Leather Neoprene Tendon Boots (Size unknown, probably Medium)


I love these boots. I just have never actually put them on Tristan because we’ve never been that fancy. So, they’re in pristine condition.


Cashel Head Bumper, Black


Used perhaps 2-3 times. It clips on to the halter to prevent horses from smacking their heads. Nice little gadget, it just turned out that Tris didn’t need it.


Nylon Reins


These are called “roping reins” on the tag. They’re short-ish (maybe pony length) with buckle ends to attach to a bit. I think they’d be great for a kid or to clip on to a halter for a quick hack. (Why I bought them, just never ended up using them.) Totally unused.


Cotton & Elastic Side Reins


These are awesome side reins, especially for a horse who needs a more forgiving contact. They’ve been used a bunch but the elastic shows no signs of loosening and the cotton webbing is still pretty clean. I actually love them but made an accidental discovery that Tristan goes better in the leather + rubber donut kind.


Trailer Alignment Kit


These are genius if you have trouble hooking up to your trailer. They’re on magnets, so you stick them on your truck & the hitch, then you back up until the balls are bumped together, and presto, you’re done! I got them as a gift right before I sold my trailer, so. As you can see, still in original packaging.


3 Point Breastplate + Running Martingale


Sigh. This was how I learned that Tristan needed a cob sized breastplate. I put it on him once to try it out and it’s been in storage since. Unknown brand. Not the nicest leather but not overly cheap. A good schooling piece.


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